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xkv-torThe all-terrain excavator


The XKV-TOR is the ideal tool for all you landscaping, drainage, and material handling needs whether it be at home in the City, the country side, or in the woods. In just two clicks, the XKV-TOR can turn your ATV into a nible and capable excavator. This excatavor is the fastest moving one on the market. Simple to operate, you will master its every movement in no time flat.







  • 5HP Honda 4 Stroke Engine
  • Hydraulic gear pump
  • Hydraulic Distributor (2 levers, 4 positions)


Attaching Mechanism

  • Quick, easy and adjustable attachment to the ATV (only takes 2 minutes)
  • Pivoting stabilizer legs allows to provide a safe footing for the XKV-TOR
  • Attachment bar and installation block
  • Quick change out of accessories (takes less than 1 minute)
  • Attachment bar and installation block.



  • 16 inch hoe (40cm)
  • Span of 9’2” (275cm)
  • Turning radius of 180 degrees
  • Excavation depth of 7’0'' (122cm)
  • Maximum lift height: 6’0''
  • Weight: 550lbs (250kg)



  • Lift Capacity: 500lbs (225kg)
  • Digging capacity: 800lbs (365kg)


Other Qualities

  • Durable urethane paint.
  • Adjustable and retractable waterproof foam and vinyl seat


The XKV-TOR is also available in a towable version.


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