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  1. Does your equipment fit on all models of ATVs?
    The C-ROS and XKV-TOR can be installed on nearly all ATV’s and side by side vehicles. The only exception to this are vehicles equipped with 6 wheels or ones with an aluminum chasis such as the Big Boss and Polaris magnum 400. The ATV currently used as a demonstrator is the Suzuki Eager 400. This clearly showcases that a large ATV is not required.

  2. there a risk that I might damage my ATV?

    Absolutely not!
    Every ATV designed for transporting accessory equipment and used as a counterweight for these accessories can accommodate the C-ROS and the XKV-TOR. With regards to the excavator XKV-TOR, when it is at work, the stabilizer legs effectively shift the working pivot 24-36 inches to the rear of the ATV which significantly reduces the effort placed on the ATV’s chassis.

  3. If my calculations are correct, we are adding close to 1000lbs of weight to the ATV. Is this not too much for the suspension to handle?
    This is not a problem. We do however recommend that you add our stabilizer bars STA-BAR for ATVs with independent suspension.


  4. What is the total cost to install this on my ATV?
    This will vary from ATV to ATV depending on existing accessories already on the ATV. The installation time takes between 6-8 hours. If you have welding equipment, you could complete the installation yourself, otherwise you can rely on one of our distributors or a fabrication shop with experience in this type of work.

  5. 5- If the equipment breaks down, where can I have it repaired?
    There is a one year warranty on all parts. Regular wear and tear will apply to the cylinder, pump, engine, valves, hydraulic distributor, hoses and fittings. Fortunately, these are standard pieces of equipment and can be found at most distributors. The structural steel members are available on our shelves, however never break. Our track record since 2007 shows that only the hoses have failed and this was due to the fact that on our early models they were located in a vulnerable location. This has been fixed on our current models.

  6. Do you have any proof that this actually works?

    We have sold over 120 units and have not once received a complaint. Certain units have seen over 6 years of use in severe environments. We collected great feedback from our early clients and their only requests were to increase the digging depth and protect the hydraulic hoses. We have listed to their feedback and have implemented these changes on our current models.

  7. When you say it takes less than two minutes to install and remove the attachments, is this realistic?

    Absolutely! Its ingenious attachment system requires only 3 quick and easy steps to complete. For the XKV-TOR, you can start the hydraulic system and use the bucket to place the unit on the mounting ball, and subsequently on the upper attachment. The last step is to close the locking gates to ensure safe operation. Simply apply the opposite process to remove. Quick, and effortless.

  8. What is the digging depth of the XKV-TOR?
    Given that the pivot point for the unit is 12 inches from the ground, it can dig up,to 7’0” deep and can reach out to 110 inches.

  9. How much force can be applied by the equipment?
    First of all, the excavator bucket has a strength of 800 pounds at the pivot point and it can lift 500lbs near the pivot of the excavator, or 250 lbs when at full extension. The C-ROS can effortlessly carry a 500 pound load.

  10. Can you carry logs with the C-ROS?
    Absolutely, there are many ways to proceed and it is up to the operator to determine the most convenient approach.

  11. Can I uproot a tree with the XKV-TOR?

    Every piece of machinery has its limits, however a good work plan and patience can overcome all challenges. To help you out, we offer a tooth that can be installed on the bucket to assist in completing this task.

  12. Is it hard to operate?

    No, all you need is 15 minutes to learn and master the C-ROS and XKV-TOR. After 1.5 hours, you should be able to execute multiple tasks at once.


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